Who will verify my eligibility and benefits?

We will verify your eligibility and benefits to determine your financial responsibility for any particular visit. It is also the patient’s responsibility to confirm coverage with their insurances and we will collect the amount that you owe at the time of service. Please keep in mind that stated insurance company benefits do not always guarantee payment.

Is there a fee for Obstetrical Patients?

For obstetrical patients, the fee will include prenatal care, procedure, ultrasound, delivery, and post-partum visit six weeks after delivery. We will discuss the obstetrical global fee with you at 10-12 weeks of gestation and develop a payment plan that will go towards the global fee at each visit. Please be aware that OB GLOBAL is due in full at the 30 week of gestation.

When do I pay my surgical fees?

For patients who are having surgery, the portion of the surgical fee which they are responsible for will need to be paid at the preoperative visit.

When do I pay for an office visit?

For office visits and procedures, patients who have insurance are expected to pay either their co-pays or a portion of their deductibles at the time ofservice depend upon the kind of insurance they have. Patients who have no insurance are expected to pay in full at the time of the service.

What should I expect when I arrive for a visit?

At the time of your visit, we will ask you to read and sign our financial and insurance policy. You may also read and sign these forms on the Patient Portal. It is the patient’s responsibility to ensure that address, phone number and insurance information are accurate and up to date.

What other useful patient procedures should I be aware of?

  • Follow your care plan and instructions created by your doctors, nurses or other health care team members
  • Give correct and complete information about your health status, medical history, hospitalizations, medications
  • Pay your health care bills in a timely manner
  • Follow the practice procedures, rules, and regulations
  • Be thoughtful of the rights of other patients and our staff
  • Be respectful of yourself and our staff
  • Accept that bad language or behavior is not tolerated and may be grounds for dismissal
  • Accept that we may end our relationship if you do not follow your doctor’s orders or care plan